Multi-Vitamin For Him 6000mg


Multi-Vitamin For Him | 60 Capsules

Assists with overall health, healthy eating, bone health, circulation & energy

Vegan friendly & gluten free

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Product Description

What is Multi-Vitamin For Him?

Multi-Vitamin For Him is packed with vitamins and minerals essential for men’s daily energy needs. Active ingredients include the necessary vitamin D, E, B group, magnesium, zinc, selenium, all for immunity support. In total 23 essential minerals and vitamins to keep you healthy Multi-Vitamin For Him is packed with all of your essential vitamins and minerals to take you through a busy day with a higher level of energy. Be assured there is no added salt, yeast, wheat, flavours or artificial colours.

Multi-Vitamin For Him may support:
– General health protection – With all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed each day.
– Immune system – Essential daily intake of vitamins and minerals ensures support to maintain your immune system.
– Healthy eating – There is growing evidence a healthy body craves less food.
– Nervous system – Magnesium and B group vitamins are essential for a balanced nervous system.
– Bone health – Calcium, boron and magnesium are important in good bone health.
– Bipolar – Mood swing disorder may be assisted with increased serotonin.
– Circulation – Vitamin E helps with heart health and blood circulation.
– Energy – A complete balanced multivitamin regime is necessary for high energy levels.