Premium L-Tryptophan 500mg


• Premium L-Tryptophan | 60 Capsules
• Assists with sleep, depression, erratic mood swings, appetite, anxiety, liver conditions, headaches & irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• Vegan friendly & gluten free
• Made & imported from the USA
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide



What is Premium L-Tryptophan?
L-tryptophan is an amino acid, protein building block that the body does not make. L-tryptophan improves brain chemistry and helps regulate behavior. As we age various mood disorders set including anxiety, depression, stress and irritability. The main cause of these symptoms is the reduced production of serotonin – a neural transmitter. For our bodies to create sufficient serotonin we need a sufficient supply of the amino acid L-tryptophan. You cant ingest serotonin, however if you ingest L-tryptophan your body will make sufficient serotonin. There is no age minimum as such for taking L- tryptophan, however it is very useful for adults.

You should be taking it at least once a day to alleviate the various symptoms as described above. In short L-tryptophan helps regulate behavior. You will be a nicer person if you take it regularly the studies have shown. L-tryptopahan has been shown in numerous studies to improve the quality of sleep. Many foods have tryptophan bound up in protein. L-tryptophanis one of the most important mood-lifting substances found in nature.

Premium L-Tryptophan may support
• Sleep – Through increased serotonin may help to regulate sleep patterns
• Depression – increased serotonin and better sleep may help alleviate depression
• Erratic mood swings – a lack of L-tryptophan in the body can cause mood swings
• Appetite – L-tryptophan may decrease appetite
• Anxiety – L-tryptophan may help to reduce anxiety
• Liver conditions – Studies have shown it may assist in eliminating the condition steatohepatitis
• Headaches – higher levels of serotonin may ease the effect tension headaches
• Irritable bowel syndrome – the less the body has of L-tryptophan the more likely of IBS

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